Jordan Jordan


  • ik this is a shot in the dark cus its on a dev website but please use season 0 kb again. lots of people want it back and do not like the current kb :(

  • nice website brody

  • Hello I was banned for no reason 1 year ago I just noticed this client so that someone got into my account and hacked helpaaaaaa

  • let us change chunk loading option and lunar client will boost fps

  • escuchame una cosita jordan, tu y yo vamos a tener un problema, vale? como me hagas enojar voy a secuestrar a tu hamster, voy a ponerle cinta al rededor, y voy a violarlo, asi cuando lo haga, no explota n-n

  • Hello can be played on the lunar client on version 1 8 9

  • yo, lunar client is stuck on connecting