Teams Map 9 SOTW 1

Teams Map 9 will be releasing this Saturday (August 1st) at 3:00 PM EST. The faction size will remain at 25-man teams. The kit will be Protection 2, Sharpness 2, Power 4. More information regarding Map 9 can be found at
This map will be a testament of how we proceed with Teams moving forward; for the good -- or the bad. We truly hope that after removing box fights for over a month, you guys will actually play the map for more than 5 days. I am speaking on the behalf our entire staff team when I say that it is very demotivating to work on a map only to have it die after Citadel, especially after we get spammed every day to bring up a new map.

There will be no new game changing bard effects this map as we would like to test them on a .5 map first. Regarding events, we want to make a few Koths percentage-based to see how they play out. Conquest and Citadel will both be an event this map. In order to cut down on how long Citadel lasts for, we will be adjusting the schedule as to when, and how often, the timer on the cap goes down. We want to reward factions who are actually fighting, and not those who log on late at night just to get the cap.

On another note, salvaging will be enabled this map, making it less of a hassle for factions to set up and enchant weapons, tools, and armor. Many issues were fixed in regards to combat loggers and other small, miscellaneous bugs. If you find any issues this map, please report them to us immediately. We have also disabled Totems (as this is a Kits map), significantly changed the terrain, and slightly adjusted Archer. If any other major changes occur between now and the map, a new post will be made.

Before ending off this post, I want to clear a few things up. Alting and sharing accounts are strictly DISALLOWED, as they always have been. If you need to alt for whatever reason, you must get approval from an Admin. If you are caught alting, or sharing accounts, you will be temporarily banned for 1-3 days. You will NOT be able to appeal this ban. Also, for your own factions' sake, don't cheat. You will be caught...its just a matter of time.
If you are a power faction leader with a 25+ man roster, please make a ticket under the "HCF" category (make sure to include your roster). I will be inviting 1 leader from each faction to our Telegram group chat.

Be sure to join our official Telegram chat to be the first to know about updates, giveaways, and more: At the end of the map, we will be putting together a community montage. If you want to be featured in the video, make sure to record some clips!

We hope you all have fun and we'll see you all on Saturday!
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Before you guys ask for 30 man factions:

We'll only consider it when you guys actually log on 25 members consistently and play the map for more than 5 days.
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