PotSG Tournament 1

Hello everyone, we are happy to announce Lunar’s first-ever PotSG Tournament. Each competitor will play 3 games across 3 days and compete for a spot in the final. The 30 highest-scoring players (refer to the Point System below) will move onto the finals and compete for prizes.
Make a ticket under the “Minigames” section at https://www.lunar.gg/tickets/create/2 saying you would like to join the tournament. A staff member will respond with further information!

Registration will close on March 26th.

Matches will be scheduled on the dates and times below (may vary):

Qualifier Dates:
Friday (April 2nd, 4PM - 6PM EST)
Saturday (April 3rd 4PM - 6PM EST)
Sunday (April 4th 4PM - 6PM EST)

Finale Date:
Saturday (April 10th). This game will be streamed.

Point System
Points will be judged by your kills and your placement.
Last alive = 7 points.
2nd Last alive = 5 points.
3rd Last alive = 3 points.
Every Kill = 2 points.

1st Place: Custom PotSG Cloak & Perm Rank Upgrade
2nd Place: Permanent rank and a Lunar Client cosmetic that is the store.
3rd Place: Lunar Client cosmetic of your choice that is on the store

Breaking any of the rules will be subject to disqualification and punishment on the network based on staff discretion.
All server rules apply to the tournament. The rules can be found at https://www.lunar.gg/rules
• You must have a minimum of 12 hours of playtime and play with the registered IGN
• No teaming/allying
• No kill boosting
• If you lag out of a game, you will not be able to rejoin the game
• With staff discretion, fights may be assigned during the deathmatch
All updates regarding this tournament can be found in the Telegram channel https://t.me/lunartournaments.
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