Map 9 Citadel 1

The first Citadel of Map 9 will commence tomorrow at 3 PM EST.

‣ 3PM EST: Citadel is activated
‣ 5PM EST: Force invites are enabled (7 total)
‣ 7PM EST: Earliest time rosters may be locked; every factions' force invites reset to 5
‣ 8:30PM EST: Cap time will be decreased to 25 minutes
‣ 9:30PM EST: Cap time will be decreased to 20 minutes

Players will not be able to leave their faction while raidable and the cooldown to join another faction upon leaving one will be increased by 30 minutes. Whether this is the final Citadel or not is up to you guys.

Make sure to join our Telegram channel at If there are any update posts mid-citadel, it will be posted there.
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