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Season 5 of Lunar is coming to an end soon. Therefore, this Sunday, we will be hosting a UHC Championship game. In order to qualify, you must have at least 1 Lunar win or 40 kills.

Saturday (tomorrow) will be the last day of regular UHC games of Season 5's lifespan. UHC games will resume when Season 6 of Lunar is released.

More information regarding the game can be found below.

Date: Sunday, July 26th, 3:00PM Eastern Standard Time
Scenarios: FFA CutClean Timebomb NoClean [Nether Off] [Potions Off]
Host: iBilbao
1st Place Prize: 1 Cloak and 1 Emote + $50
2nd Place Prize: 1 Cloak and 1 Emote + $25
3rd Place Prize: 1 Cloak and 1 Emote

We hope you all enjoyed Lunar UHC this Season, and we'll work on updating a few things before Season 6 release!
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Complete poggers bro, love this
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